• Ex industrial sites, blast furnaces discharge channels, reclamation and safety settings of dumps.

  • Loading, unloading, transshipment, storage, and handling of goods and other materials.

  • Oil and Hydrocarbons Industrial Warehouse.

  • Automated System Crude Oil Washing (C.O.W.)

  • Thermoelectric power plants, refineries, steel plants and other industrial plants.

  • High pressure water washing of tube bundles, plants for transfer to storage areas.

  • Special Waste and Special Hazardous Waste.

  • Waste Water Purification Plant and Filter Press for mud drying.

  • Dump for solid industrial waste with pre-treatment.


ECOLOGICA S.p.A., a company founded in 1980, nowadays works all over Italy and abroad, in different public and private branches in the fields of industrial cleaning, high pressure water washing, chemical washing, transport of special hazardous waste, non hazardous special waste, urban solid waste and similar on behalf of a third party, environmental reclamation of polluted sites and harbor activities.
Besides the more than 30-years-experience in Italy, there is an increasingly global know-how and a continuous training program of the high specialized staff (engineers, chemical experts, specialized workers), mainly occupied in chemical plants, iron and steel plants, refineries and thermoelectric power plants.

A strong company structure and an important operating and technological system, place Ecologica S.p.A. among the main and most advanced European companies in this field.

Company Mission

The basics of our daily way of operating are the following:

  • analyze problems and indicate the most specific solutions for our clients;
  • proposed focused and complete solutions, with an optimal quality/price ratio;
  • offer flexibility, reliability and an accurate service;
  • thanks to a highly qualified work, build solid foundations for a trustworthy relationship during time;


Quality and Environment

The protection and the cleaning of the Environment are an essential part of our activities, also as a guarantee to our clients, and in particular:

  • the law prescriptions regarding the Environmental protection are basic requirements for us;
  • our actions are always prone to create the minimum impact on soil, air and water;
  • we continuously strengthen our environmental competence with a constant training and an active exchange of information, also on an international level;
  • through an open communication, we gain the trust of public, authorities, clients and of our employees towards the Company Mission;
  • acknowledgement, evaluation and restriction of environmental risks are an essential part of our continuous improvement process;
  • the achievement of Certifications and the continuous compliance of the “Quality System” are a starting point and not an accomplishment in our behavior ;
  • the continuous research of reliable and effective solutions and the constant technologic update are a guarantee of reliability for our clients and represent the cornerstone of our Company Mission, which is aimed to a never-ending improvement.

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Human Resources

The knowledge and specific competences of our employees are the basics of our success thanks to:

  • a constant and qualified training, laying the foundations to assign responsibility to the whole staff;
  • a continuous retraining, in order to encourage the awareness about safety and eventual risks;
  • an internal network of communication which is always open and constant, to evaluate from time to time the goals to fulfill;
  • while managing manpower, respect is the foundation of a real team spirit.


Profit and Health

In our Company Mission, the business success can be reached only as a result of a policy based on quality, safety, health and environmental protection, so:

  • the continuous optimization of all working procedures ensures our long-term success;
  • the correct procedures management is the foundation for the continuous improvement of our services;
  • - Our company management system is based and inspired by quality, safety, health and environmental protection.


Registered Office


Ecologica S.p.A.
Via Panama, 95 int.2/b
00198 Roma
Phone +39 06 84242633
Fax +39 06 81174771


Administrative and Operational Office:


Castellana Grotte
Via Selva di Fasano, 16
70013 Castellana Grotte
Phone +39 080 2042494
Fax +39 080 2042768


Via Gandhi, 32
72100 Brindisi
Phone +39 0831 548209
Fax +39 0831 574963

Via per Statte, 7050
74100 Taranto
Phone +39 099 46212 (contact center)
Fax +39 099 4718228

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