• Oil and Hydrocarbons Industrial Warehouse.

Logistics and storage

The industrial facility Brundisium, located in the harbor area of Brindisi , has a surface of 23.200m2, 10.000 of which have already been urbanized, and it’s connected, by means of an underground duct under public concession, to Costa Morena Quay.
This allows to reduce the unloading and transport infrastructures for vegetable oil, coming from the sea until the storage warehouses. The area is equipped with tanks for a total capacity of 8.000 m3, anyhow the total accommodating capacity will be soon increased to 40.000 m3, thanks to the underway project of an Oil Terminal, with the restoration of some existing tanks and the construction of some new ones.

The following are the activities that Ecologica S.p.A. will execute in Brundisium

  • storage and logistics on behalf of a third party;
  • power and steam production;
  • concomitant green power production;
  • photovoltaic power production.

Looking to details, the site is equipped with the following:

  • harbor quay for the supply of fuel and oil handling in transit;
  • piping network directly connected from storage tanks to the harbor quay of Costa Morena, in the Harbor of Brindisi;
  • road connection for the supply of consumables and spare parts, through an internal road inside the harbor area, connected to the near high ways and railways.

The quay has a good draught (around 12 mt) and a 230 meters berth for ships. The area dedicated to the treatment plants and oil storage has a surface of about 10.000 m2.

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